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From: Unter_den_Uebrigen (Original Message) Sent: 12/1/2002 1:30 AM
LCC is unofficially looking for some of its own web space. The limitations of MSN are a tad adolescent (although they've helped us get off the ground), and, frankly, I'm tired of ads. We're suffering from some over-capacity in the server area, and I thought some of that money could be better used for some private web space. Something along the lines of the RuneGame.com forums or the forums.beyondunreal.com, which has features like: post-editing, unlimited attachments / uploads, searches. The software itself is relatively cheap, and the monthly cost of maintaining the web space is roughly comparable to the Rune server; but what the costs / limitations associated with storage space and bandwidth are, I'm not entirely sure. MSN of course is free; but it would be nice to have our own address (a forwarding address to the MSN site is another possibility) and even e-mail.

If you guys have any leads, post 'em here.

From: Azar Sent: 12/1/2002 6:11 AM
Hi UdU,

I and my Comany ( Netdreamer ) can give the Club all it needs four FREE no strings
no ads, no cost, just send me a e-mail and lets talk. tony@tonydyson.com

I also have //// www.Masterblade.com ( Honor Fighters )
www.Runeforce.com ( The Team )
www.WardStaff.com ( Offices of Power )
www.RamRune.com ( Using Rune Power )

With our free E-mail, Messenger, E-Board, Chat, FAQ, Calender, and much much more...

Now it is the time 4 me to tell you my Plans 4 (Rune on line) and I hope the Club


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