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Arena Mod
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From: Unter_den_Uebrigen (Original Message) Sent: 11/19/2002 12:57 AM
Did some updating on the Arena mod; what you'll find among others:

+A power bonus on kill; trade this in for weapon powerups. (And yes, the Hulk is on: just activate your fists first.)
+Win by five mode. The frag limit will update itself accordingly during play.
You can now switch stowed weaps for cleaner ones.
What we still need: some good ideas for powerups on the torch and limbs. Casualty suggested a flame thrower today; I think Byte_Me talked about some projectile flesh. And on the horizon: we'll convert the small arena into a boxing area. That means: you'll be stripped upon entering down to your fists.

Bugs and thoughts here.


From: Misanthrope Sent: 11/20/2002 5:32 AM
Hey Unter,

The new arena mods are great, with one exception. The bone club power up has got to go, it makes playing the arena pointless. Whoever gets the first two frags can just switch to the bone club, power up, and drop body after body non-stop with virtually no effort. I was doing this for a while and found that I could shatter the other person's entire weapon supply without even landing a direct hit. I would hate to see the bone club go all together, but the rune effect seriously needs to be toned down, or removed all together. Just my opinion.

- Misanthrope

From: Urlor Sent: 11/20/2002 10:33 PM
Here's some ideas:

1. We make one arena the only place to use runes.
2. When player walk into the boxing arena have two switches that when they both go down gives them full rune power.
3. Make a mirror shield that bounces the boneclub's attack back, but a fragile to actual weapons. So you must make a descision based on what your facing.
4. Drops runes all together.
5. Shorten or eliminate rune power on boneclub or require more power.
6. Ban rune from everything but fists.
7. Have the boneclub break after using the rune power.

From: Manowar Sent: 11/20/2002 11:44 PM
i really like the arena mods. the win by five is a lot of fun, I already couldn't imagine going back the old way.

the runes are fun, I like hulking up but I also don't get out of hand either. Some people just go crazy with the runes, gets annoying. Converting an arena to runes only (say the medium arena) is a good idea if that's not too much work. But then you may have to drop the boxing arena idea ... if both were to be done, then we'd have only one arena for people to do FFA and 1on1. People would then start arguing about which way to fight.

The most viable option I think would be the weapon breaking after you use the rune for it.

The arena capacity has been cut to five, which works out better because the server rarely crashes now. There are a lot of times I can't get in because it's full, and then when I do get in, I notice that there is someone just sitting there idle not doing anything. I don't know know if anything can be done, but if someone is idle for five minutes or so they should be booted, let someone in that'll fight.

All in all, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because I'm very pleased with the new modifications. Just tossing ideas

From: Misanthrope Sent: 11/21/2002 12:16 AM
I think both the bone club breaking after rune use and kicking those who idle for longer than five minutes are great ideas. That would really help, none of the other rune powers get out of hand and mostly just add to the fun factor. I think one arena should allow rune use, full on FFA (there's no real point to go one-on-one if one person is using a rune and the other cannot), one arena should be non-rune (for those who like the old style), and the last arena should be pure boxing, FFA or one-on-one. Just my opinion.

- Misanthrope

From: Unter_den_Uebrigen Sent: 11/21/2002 6:21 PM
Okay here's how the numbers work: killing gives you a 20 point power bonus. The bone-club threshold is 30; so is the hulk.

What do you think about bringing both of them up to 80? (100 is max.)


From: Urlor Sent: 11/21/2002 10:30 PM
An amendment to my #2:
Have the bloodlust disabled (for boxing arena). Although then you might just want to stay small, but its fun to fight as a giant anyway Smile .
Random thought: We can punch now how about kicking?

From: Misanthrope Sent: 11/22/2002 11:05 AM
That sounds perfect Unter. I'm all for gratuitous violence if the person actually earned it, as 80% would definitely be earning it.

- Misanthrope

From: Unter_den_Uebrigen Sent: 11/23/2002 6:35 PM
K dudes, here's the current configuration.

I left the weapons at their bloody levels, but confined Rune usage to the big arena. (This is changeable; and means that the mid arena is clean, regular fun.) The Small Arena is "Lacedæmonian boxing" (the Lacedæmonians used to, as a rule, fight naked.) Some kids are still getting through the door with weaps, though. How, I don't know.

Perhaps most significant is the new Votekick.


From: Urlor Sent: 11/24/2002 7:13 AM
I found out how they got weapons in. If you throw a weapon while entering it will make you drop your weapons like usual but, you magically have the next weapon in hand. The hand axe can be thrown in and picked up, others cannot. The only weapon to do any damage while in the arena is the hand axe. If you were to make it destructable it may work fine. Since weapons smuggled in do no damage you can have it as a secret punishment for lamers. I still havent figured out how they got a shield in or more than one weapon but, I'm working on it.

From: MrFister Sent: 11/26/2002 12:05 PM
That There new arena stuff is supa-dope!
I had quite a blast in there tonight (and gee whiz was I blasted!)
word up and Congrats Unter you rock!

From: Urlor Sent: 11/26/2002 10:42 PM
I managed to sneak in a weapon and shield. You have to pick them up right as you enter. This is very difficult, so I only managed it once. When weapons get snuck in this way they do cause damage. I also noticed that the change or throw weapon trick makes the weapon dissappear after a short amount of time.

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