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Sup, boys; glad to see you're hanging in there. Recently relocated back to the States, and it'll take another few weeks before I get all my gaming gear.

The news: I contacted ILan about moving us up to XP, so we can run BF1942 server, et al.  It turns out they don't support XP, but we'll get Windows 2000 Server.

Additionally, Bill Cheung, CEO, offered us a dual-processor machine at no extra cost; said we're “valuable customers”.

Damn right! lol.
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let's chat!

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Nice, man; thanks a lot. A BF1942 server is really anticipated right now, I've acquired some new buddies over at HVH (friends of MOC), Grim and Defeatest and such... they play BF every Wednesday for the past year and a half and to have a server for them to play on each Wednesday would be great considering everytime they play they just play amongst themselves on Defeatest's dedicated. His dedicateds are the only ones I actually ever have fun on, lately I'm sick of pub servers and really need to go and play on a server we can call our own. Unrelated note, just got back from what, 4 hours of straight HL2DM in the same map... you think we can get a 4-person HL2DM private server to toy with from time to time Smile? Nah, I'm sure we can handle that shet amongst ourselves... consider how much bandwidth that game takes with all the physics.

Oh and if we don't get much traffic, I'm sure the HVH boys will give us quite a bit -- just expect a lot of mod changes from time to time Smile.

Anyway nice to a see a post from you, was actually kinda glad when our servers went down because it meant you were active somewhere and we were getting a new OS. I'd ask you to chat a little on vent but... all we got is MOC's 50-200 ping server Frown.
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Woot welcome back unter missed ya bro

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Host Down was a welcome site... was anticipating it after our chat the other night.
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So what's up with the server now? Do we have Windows 2000 on there with every service pack or no?

I'd really love to know our system specs and how we got duallies. They'd have to spend a lot of money getting us a new motherboard and two CPUs, plus installation... all for free is crazy (did we get 1GB of RAM, too Smile?).

Someone mind telling me the clock speeds on here, though? Like we had maybe a 1.6GHz P4 before and now we got, what, Dual 2.4GHz Xeons maybe? It'd be nice to know.

By the way I'd like to set up the server sometime, I can get all the tools we need for a BF1942 server and whatnot installed as long as it is all compatible. Maybe I'll pack some CS: Source maps and dedicated servers, upload them to a remote server, and then download them to the PC and set up our dedicated server for that, it'll only be 16 people or less. I would just need VNC pass and IP and port and all, you could trust me with doing all that mumbo jumbo (I'll do it with Mano!).

Speaking of which, maybe I should go on the Arena once or twice to check pings when not using Bit Torrent, if we got dual CPUs I probably will have under 16 ping (usually I get 21), you never know.
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